Garmin Custom Maps Installation Tips

Your GPS must be a Oregon, Dakota or Colorado model or have custom map capability.

Here are some additional hints to getting your Custom Maps to work.
  1. Make sure your Garmin Unit has been updated with the latest system software. Earlier system software versions did not support Custom Maps.
         a) You can check your current System Software version on your unit with menus: Setup> About.
         b) You can update your unit’s system software using the Garmin WebUpdater program. Download a version from the Garmin site at
         c) Place fresh batteries in your unit. (you do not want your system to run out of power during the process.)
         d) Plug in your unit to your PC and run the WebUpdater program. Everything else should be automatic.

  2. If you have not used custom maps before on your GPS, then do the following to create your CustomMaps directory on your unit.
         a) Plug in your Garmin Unit that supports CustomMaps to your PC.
         b) Create a custom map folder/directory on your Garmin Unit or its micro SD card. The folder should reside in the following path: /Garmin/CustomMaps/ on your GPS unit. Make sure your directory is names exactly as stated here. Upper/lower case is very important: /Garmin/CustomMaps/

  3. When you click on the download link to access the Garmin Custom Map, you should get a File Download window.
         a) Plug in your Garmin Unit that supports CustomMaps to your PC.
         b) In the File Download window, click the "Save" button instead of the "Open" button. (The Open button will open it in Google Earth. This is not what you want.)
         c) Save it directly to your unit's /Garmin/CustomMaps/ directory.
         d) Make sure the map's file name extension is .kmz and not .zip. If it is not .kmz , then simply rename the file extension to .kmz.

  4. Disconnect your GPS from your PC and turn your unit on.

  5. Remember you must have the Custom Maps Enabled.
         By default, Custom Maps should be enabled. You can check this setting by using your unit's menu: Setup> Maps> Map Information Select Map. You should see "Enabled – Custom Maps" in the list. If there is no reference to Custom Maps in the list, then go back to step 2 and make sure your have created the "/Garmin/CustomMaps/" directory with that exact name.

  6. View the Custom Map on your unit.
         a) Go to an area on the unit's Map screen that covers the area of the Custom Map.
         b) The map will only show up if you zoom the map in to about 0.5 miles down to 50 feet an only in the area of map coverage.