May 1999 - Skyline Drive Bike Ride for Cancer

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The High Adventure Club completed a 2-day, 80-mile bike ride in May 1999 to raise money for cancer research.
The ride began in Front Royal, Virginia and ended in Elkton with a stayover at Skyland.The team of riders included: Wes McCoy, Peter Oetker, Art Palaia, Ed Ramsey and Bob Zinn.
Below are pictures of the event.

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Peter Oetker and Bob Zinn are all smiles. Mile 0 - Peter Oetker and Bob Zinn Getting Started near Front Royal.
The team of riders take a lunch break at the Panorama restaurant. Mile 30 - At the Panorama Restaurant
Ed Ramsey, Bob Zinn, Wes McCoy, Peter Oetker, Art Palaia.
Bob Zinn and Ed Ramsey at mile marker 33. Mile 33 - Bob Zinn and Ed Ramsey take a break
Just after the rest break (see the above picture), the wind picked up, the sky got dark and it began to rain. Wes continued on so he could beat the rain and get to Skyland as quickly as possible. Bob, Peter, Art and Ed took shelter under a big tree during the rain and lightning.
Art Palaia and Ed Ramsey in the rain. Mile 35 - Art and Ed take shelter from the rain.
I was told that both trees and metallic blankets do not attract lightning.
After five minutes, we decided to continue on and brave the rain. Ed Ramsey, indicated he would be right behind us.After a few minutes, the rain and lightning worsened. Peter and Bob were pedaling hard to catch up to Wes. Lightning bolts were striking everywhere. One struck less than 1/4 mile ahead of us. That had to be close to Wes. In fact, it was a close strike. Wes said that sparks were shooting from his bike. We now call him Sparky.
Big Bird (Bob Zinn) in his breathable wind breaker. Sparky (Wes McCoy) likes water and lightning. Mile 41 - Bob and Wes get out of the rain at Skyland.
The group enjoyed the relaxing evening at Skyland. Each Cabin had a beautiful view of Luray and the valley below.
The sun shines on us as we begin the second day. Mile 41 - Peter Oetker packs his bags as we leave from our Skyland cabin.
Peter is fast enough without the added areodynamics. Mile 75 - Peter Oetker discusses the aerodynamics of the helmet worn backwards.
Peter said that Porsche engineers accidentally place a car in a wind tunnel in the wrong direction and found it to be more aerodynamic.
It was all down hill for the last 5 miles of the trip.

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