August 2000 - North Central Rail Trail & York County Heritage Trail

High Adventure

YCHT October 1999

The High Adventure Club gathered on August 5, 2000 to conquer the entire NCR and York County Heritage Trails. Each of these connecting trails is about 20 miles in length and form a 40 mile route that follows railroad beds from York, Pennsylvania to Cockeysville, Maryland.

The objective of the riders was to complete a round-trip of the entire trail for a total of 81.5 miles. 

Peter, Ed, Art, Joe, and Bob at New Freedom, PA.

The team of riders included:

Joe Kaehler
Peter Oetker
Art Palaia
Ed Ramsey
Bob Zinn

The Weather for the trip was gorgeous with temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees.  The riders met in New Freedom, PA at 7:00 AM. 

  • The first leg of the trip started at 8:40 AM and headed from New Freedom South to Cockeysville.  The riders m turn around, and traveled North to New Freedom. Joe and Bob were riding a tandem bike.
  • The second leg continued North at 12:00 noon from New Freedom toward York, Pennsylvania. Peter and Art left first.  Joe, Ed and Bob started off at a more leisurely pace.  After a few miles. Ed and Bob decided to ride the tandem bike, and encouraged Joe go ahead and catch up to Peter and Art. Ed and Bob continued at their pace and stopped to take pictures.  They eventually turned around just near the Seitzville bridge, just south of Hanover Junction at 1:30 PM.  On their way back to New Freedom, they stopped at a local refreshment stand along the trail to buy soft drinks from Matt, Andrew, and Zack.  Ed and Bob continued their ride and arrived in New Freedom at 2:50 PM. Their total ride was 58 miles. Joe, Peter and Art arrived in York at 1:46 PM. After a 10 minute break, they returned and completed the entire trip of 81.5 miles at 4:00 PM.
Click here to learn more about the North Central Rail Trail & York County Heritage Trail.

Below are pictures of the event.

    Click on the picture to view the full size image.
    I Gotta Go at Bobby's Potty Joe at one of his many stops. He likes to stay hydrated.
    Ed Ramsey is a happy biker. Ed Ramsey is all smiles at Sparks Station along the NCR Trail.
    Water Falling. This Waterfall is one of the many beautiful sites on the trail.
    Joe and Bob were a team riding the tadem bike on the NCR Trail. Joe and Bob enjoy the scenery on the NCR Trail.
    Ed looks for poisonous snakes near the waterfall. No Poisonous snakes here!
    Hoses share the trail. Horses, joggers and pedestrians share the trail with cyclists.
    Sietzville Bridge located just south of Hanover junction. Ed and Bob stopped to rest at the bridge near Seitzville, PA.
    Ed buys a Diet Pepsi from Matt. Andrew, and Zack. Ed Ramsey buys a diet Pepsi from Matt, Andrew and Zack at the soft drink stand along the York County Heritage Trail.
    Joe Finishes the 81 mile jorney. Joe Kaehler finishes back in New Freedom.
    Art and Peter at the end of the trail. Art and Peter finish the 81.5 mile trip. Peter looks like he is in agony.

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