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High Adventure
February 3, 2001 - Mountain Bike Riding in the Michaux State Park (Logsled Trail)

High Adventure 
Topo Map
See Pine Grove Furnace

Gadget (Bob Zinn) and Zenith (Joe Kaehler) Ride through the ice and snow.  
Temperature: 25 degrees.
Start Time: 9:00 AM
How to Get There
Log Sled Trail

  How to get to Piney Ridge Road Parking Lot 
Take route 34 north of Gettysburg and through Biglerville.  Continue north for about 2.8 miles and take a road (S. Main Street) that is angled to the left to Bendersville.  Stay on this road for 2.35 miles where you will go through Bendersville.  When you cross over Opposum Creek and take a right.  You should pass the Conewago Camp Grounds and continue for 1.25 miles to the stop sign at Coon Road.  Continue across Coon Road and up to the top of the Piney Mountain.  There is a parking area on the left.  Rest Rooms are near the pavilion.

Log Sled Trail
See the Ride Route 1 Map for references for this ride.  From the Piney Ridge Road Parking lot, take the Logsled Trail north from the Pavilion.  The trailhead is clearly marked. 

Below is Joe and Bob at the Logsled Trailhead.

The Logsled Trail is an easy trail that descends for the first 2.5 miles as it traverses down the Piney Ridge Mountain heading north west.  Near the bottom, there is some clear cutting operations in progress.  Follow the "Easy" trail signs.   At the clear cut area, the trail begins to ascend.  For the next three miles, the trail has a series of hills.

Below: Gadget Pushes it up the hill.

Below: Zenith navigates through the ice and snow.

You will pass a few side trails on your left.  When you come to the fork in the trail,  stay left (Easy marker) and ascend up to Piney Ridge Road.  Turn left and follow the dirt road back to the parking area.

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