January 8, 2000 - Mountain Bike Ride in Gambrill State Park


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Yellow Trail Elev. 


The High Adventure Club met at the parking lot in Gambrill State Park to begin their ride on trails. Gambrill State Park is located off of Routes 40 and I-70 near Frederick, Maryland.

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The team of riders included: 
      Joe Kaehler (Zenith),
      Peter Oetker (Rock),
      Art Palaia (Ice Man),
      Ed Ramsey (Animal),
      Bob Zinn (Gadget).

The ride began at 10:00 am on the Yellow Trail heading West from the parking area.  The first 200 yards of the trail were easy with "Animal" was leading the way.  After a sharp right turn we dismounted our machines and walked the bikes uphill to High Knob.  (We do not like walking bikes.)  We took a sharp left and went around High Knob.  The view of the Middletown valley was spectacular.

We followed the trail along the West side of the ridge and had to walk the bike in a few sections.  "Rock" was the first to hit rock after being thrown from his bike by a big tree root.  His knee looks like it will recover well.  The Yellow trail then crossed the Gambrill SP Road and turned South along the East side of the ridge.  We followed a power line cut for a 1/4 mile before turning right.  

"Ice Man" was the second victim of the trail.  His bike will be fine.  "Animal" continued to lead the pack as we climbed back towards High Knob.  We collected ourselves at the Frederick Overlook where we took a small break to refuel our bodies and enjoy the view.

"Animal" had a twig get between his glasses and scratch his eye.  The doctor indicated he will live and see the next Adventure Club Activity. 

"Zenith", as always, climbed the mountains with conviction.

We continued on the Yellow Trail back toward the parking area where "Gadget" was launched from his bike as he attempted a jump over a steep drop.  He landed on his feet.



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