Grand CanyonRafting Photos and Videos

Hey everyone!  I had a great time on this trip of a lifetime.

Below you can either access photos, view a 20 minute video, or access to order prints.

Access Photos
Click here to view photos.
I will be updating the site with a few additional photos with text.   The photos posted include about 180 of the 687 total photos that were taken during the trip.  I have many more photos of people jumping at Elves Chasm.  If you are interested in seeing those photos, then let me know and I may post those too.

A single and crude 20 minute video has now been posted on the website saved in Windows Media Format.  I will possibly look into posting them in other formats if needed.  This is my first attempt at creating and posting digital videos.  Links to access the video is listed below.

Pick the appropriate connection speed from the list below.  Highest is recommended but try others if it appears choppy.

  • Speed/Quality (156kbs) Image size:320 by 160
  • Medium Speed/Quality (512kbs) Image size: 640 by 320
  • High Speed/Quality (778kbs) Image size 780 by 480
  • Ordering Printed Photos
    If you want to order printed copies at 12 cents per copy, then you can order them from
    I do not make any money from your order.  Use the link below.

    Downloading individual high resolution photos from my website would take a lot of time since each photo file size is over 4 MB. It is NOT recommended that you print photos directly from my website since web photos are not really suitable (high enough resolution) for printing.  Please use to order printed copies.  If that does not meet your needs and you want super high resolution copies of the photos, then let me know and I can send out a CD with the photos.

    Bob Zinn