The National Teddy Bear Show - November 2000

Carol Zinn began collecting Teddy Bears in 1996. Carol loves to go to Teddy Bear shows and meet with the artists.

Carol attended The National and experienced the enchanted world of artist made and manufactured teddy bears. The National was held on November 11-12, 2000 at the QVC Studio Park in West Chester, Pennsylvania. At the event she met Robert Raikes who is famous for bears with wood carved faces. Fenlan by Robert Raikes is one her favorites. Carol also stopped by to visit Francisco Carreno Stewart of Nino's Bears. Francisco was featuring a new style of bears... "Silk" and "Autumn Dream" were at his booth.
Litle Farley from Suzi's Bears.  Click here to  enlarge picture. Carol's pick from the show is "Little Farley" from Suzi's Bears. Little Farley was made by Suzi Grunin and is made of long mohair with ultra suede paw pads. He has glass eyes and polyester stuffing.
Click here to see a this picture enlarged. Another favorite bear at the show is Boobie Bear. This bear is a one of a kind bear with a hand sculpted face from the Pookie Bear Collection. Lin Chamberlain from Fort Wayne, Indiana is the artist. Bob surprised Carol and gave Boobie to her as a Christmas present.