Teddy Bear Expo East 2000 Carol gets a bear hug at the Expo East 2000

Carol recently attended the Teddy and Doll Expo East on August 19 & 20, 2000 in Washington, DC.

At the show she selected three bears for her collection:

Lovies Friend invades the fishing village.  Click here to see a larger picture. Lovies Friend - This adorable, sleepy eyed bear was created by artist, Beth Kidd . (See picture of Beth and Carol ).  His coat is mohair, and is double jointed at the neck. You can find more about Beth by viewing her Business Card .
Tommy from Walla Walla, Washington. Tommy - A one of a kind miniature bear in a silver cup was created by artist, Gretchen McKillip (See picture of Gretchen & Carol ).  Tommy is 4 inches tall, fully jointed, and has wool felt paws. Gretchen traveled from Walla Walla, Washington for the Expo. You can see more of Gretchen's bears on her web site at www.gretchenmckillip.com .
Elizabeth's coat is Alpaca fur Elizabeth - The cutest face bear in the den, is made of Alpaca and tipped mohair. Diana Lee Palomba of Timeless Expressions created this 15 inch cutie. (See picture of Carol & Diana ). Diana just launched her new website at TimelessBears.com .
Mag Pie from Red Land Bears At the Expo Carol met with Mark Hudson of Red Land Bear Company. Carol adopted "Mag Pie " last spring from Mark and Sandy.  Mag Pie remains very close to Carol's heart.

Carol met Gloria Vanderbilt at the Expo and received her autograph.